Whether your kiddo has a nut allergy or theschoolasks that everyone bring only nut-free options to class,you know that these allergies are serious.But they don't have to prevent you from preparingseriouslydelicious vegan foods that everyone will love.

Important note:If you,your child,or anyone else you know has a nut allergy,,alwayscheck the ingredients and allergen information on products before consuming them or giving them to others.Even if a product was previously found to be nut-free,companies can change their ingredients or manufacturing processes at any time (or they can vary based on region),so no matter what you read online,always check for allergen safety before consuming anything—andcheck with a doctor before eating new foods.Allergies are serious and potentially life-threatening.

Tree Nuts vs.Peanuts

Tree nuts include almonds,cashews,macadamia nuts,walnuts,pistachios,pecans,and other nuts.While peanuts are actually legumes,not nuts,for the purpose of this piece,we're going to add them to the category"nut."有些人对两种花生都过敏。andtree nuts—here are some options that don't contain either of them:


Many vegan whole foods are naturally nut-free.These include fruits and veggies;谷物,比如大米,pasta,quinoa,and oats;protein-packed legumes,像豆子和扁豆;and delicious staples like tofu,tempeh,and seitan,which are often packaged in nut allergy–friendly facilities.


Seeds are full of nutrients like protein and healthy fats and are a perfect replacement for nuts.You can put them in oatmeal,toss them into a smoothie,or add them to vegan yogurt.Some of our favorites are sunflower,sesame,chia,pumpkin,and flax.

Vegan Meats

Many vegan meats are nut-free,including those made byBeyond Meat.该公司使用豌豆和大豆蛋白来创造一些最美味的选择。You can use them in a variety of meals,including tacos,fajitas,spaghetti,and burgers.Gardein,,Tofurky,andBocaalso offer products that are free of peanuts and tree nuts.

Vegan Cheeses

Even though nut cheeses are a huge craze,有很多不含坚果的素食选择。Try brands likeDaiya,,Follow Your Heart,andChao Creamery.

Easy Meals

Being nut-free doesn't mean that you have to cook every meal from scratch.These are some easy-to-heat,nut-free options:

  • GardeinSlidersandPocket Meals

    These sliders,which include Chick'n,Beefless,and Black Bean varieties,and pocket meals are too good not to heat up once in a while.

  • DaiyaPizzasandCheezy Mac

    Daiya has some great nut-free options.Pop the pizza in your toaster oven and throw the vegan mac and cheese on the stove for a quick and deliciously"cheesy"meal.

  • Gardein七粮脆标

    These are great when paired with your child's favorite dipping sauce.Add a side of fresh fruit and veggies to make the meal even better.

  • Van's French Toast Sticks

    Even a nut-free breakfast can be easy.These are great when your family is rushing out the door and needs something quick (and sweet) to eat.


There are lots of nut-free snacks out there.Many brands of popcorn,pretzels,chips,fruit strips,and rice cakes are veganandsafe for those with nut allergies.Your kids will think you're thebest parentever if you keep a variety ofEnjoy Life'ssnacks in your pantry,including its nut-free trail mixes,Lentil Chips,and Grain & Seed Bars.


Avoid spreads made with almonds,peanuts,and cashews—stick to these nut-free options instead:


当你对坚果过敏时,even the thought of eating a piece of chocolate or a baked good can be cause for concern.But you don't have to worry,because there are so many nut-free options that you can give to your kids or let them take to class.FRY2Bmakes super-tasty nut-free sunflower chocolate cups,whileEnjoy Lifeoffers mouthwatering soft vegan and nut-free cookies and chocolates.


This list barely scratches the surface.There are so many delicious vegan foods that are free of tree nuts and peanuts,so no one—no matterwhatthe allergy—has to support cruel industries that abuse and kill animals.