A Vegan Child's Journey

The following was adapted from an article written by educator and mother of 4,,Genelle Palacio最初出现在

My young daughter's vegan journey started at the age of 3.I served her chicken nuggets when she asked me a question that changed our lives forever.创世记问道,"Mom,how do you get this food?""

I wanted to take the easy way out,所以我告诉她我从商店买的。我女儿一直很聪明,所以我应该知道这对她来说还不够好。She asked,"It's from the store,but where do the nuggets come from?"I stopped for a moment to think about my reply.I have always wanted to be honest with my children,所以我告诉她真相并且说,"Baby,we have tokill animals to get your food.""

She looked at me in disbelief and started to cry.她告诉我她再也不想吃动物了,and I told her I would think about it and secretly hoped she would forget our conversation,because I knew if she gave up eating meat,I would have to do it,too.

Genesis passing out cruelty-free eating pamphlet.


Months went by,and she didn't ask,但我开始研究素食主义,看食品纪录片。我不再买加工食品了,artificial sugars,以及含有人工成分的食物,but I continued to purchase animal products because I thought I could not live without them.

On occasion,我女儿会问我们是否可以stop eating animals,and each time,我告诉她我会考虑的。I was considering it because of the health benefits but did not see the ethical aspect to it until I saw pictures posted on Facebook by vegan friends I met online.

戴了一年的眼罩之后,I took them off,and when Genesis was 4 1/2,I told her we could stop eating meat.我丈夫跳上船来支持我们,我们很快发现吃素并不像我们想象的那么难。But we never considered going vegan,because we thought we couldn't live without cheese.

Genesis protests animal testing.

Genesis cares aboutall动物们知道伤害它们是错误的。That's why she decided to attend a protest against animal testing with her family.She even helped make this cute sign!!

One year into being a vegetarian,Genesis asked me how cheese was made.I told her cheese was made from milk and milk is taken fromcows.I was nursing my baby at the time I told her this,她说:"Mom,that is like someone taking the milk you are making for my baby sister and giving it to someone else,正确的?"我看着我的孩子,who was nursing,当我意识到她完全正确,眼泪开始从脸上滚下来。我怎么能参加这样一个残酷的行业?Was my love for cheese greater than acalf'sneed for his or her mother's milk??

I told my daughter that if we stop consuming dairy products,then that means no pizza,no mac and cheese,no ice cream,and no birthday cake since these were her喜爱的食物.She told me,"Mom,if it means a baby cow can have his mother's milk,then I am OK with that.""I realized that if a young child thought she had enough will power to live without dairy products,then I could,too.从那天起,we have been vegan.

Genesis and friend advocate for veganism.

Is there anything cuter than vegan kids like Genesis and her friend speaking up for pigs?We think not!!

当我分享她的想法时,有人问我,因为他们不相信一个小孩会说这些话。听起来的确很难相信,but we have to remember thatchildren are so much smarter than we give them credit for.This is one reason I have always felt the need to tell her the truth and be honest with her.

Parents may find themselves in the same situation as their child starts to question eating animal products and may even want to go vegan.As an educator,I truly believe that knowledge is power.Research veganism and children,and you will find that children can have optimal health through a vegan diet.Discover various sources of nutrients and protein,然后把它们纳入孩子的饮食中。我女儿喜欢奶昔,所以我每天早上都给她做一杯奶昔,然后加些中国种子,因为它们富含蛋白质!!

Genesis wins title of MVP in flag football,proving how strong vegans are.

Genesis was named Most Valuable Player of her school's flag football team,证明纯素食者是多么强壮!!

也,sit with your child and make a list of all his or her favorite foods then go on a shopping trip together and discover素食替代品.The more you learn,你越有信心抚养一个纯素食的孩子。

It was difficult discussing the deaths of animals for food,and it is very hard trying to explain to a child why humans feel they can do this to animals,but I am glad I did it.她对动物的热爱和帮助尽可能多的动物的愿望已经引导她走向了行动主义。


Genesis and her brother love speaking up for animals together!!

Genesis wants to speak up for animals and show other children that they are never too young to stand up for what they believe in.I know she will encounter obstacles throughout her journey,but I am confident that she will continue to stand up for what she believes in as long as she has support from family and the vegan community.Oftentimes,children say they want to be just like their parents when they grow up.Personally,I want to be just like my daughter.

Genesis shows that you're never too young to stand up for what you believe in.